Gilles thanks all his fans with a lovely message!

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Hello Gilles Gambus' fans and friends!

We are proud to announce you that for the very first time since the creation of this blog and its online release, Gilles Gambus has sent to us an exclusive and sweet message to thank us for all the warm comments posted on his birthday!
It's our turn (the GG team) to thank all of you around the world for your kindness and generosity!

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GS3 15/04/2011 09:34

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Ponpon 31/03/2009 02:16

KarineLe "clic" est un métronome électronique que les musiciens entendent dans leur casque en studio pour garder le tempo quand il n'y a pas de batterie . Et ils demandent souvent de l'entendre mieux .C'est un souvenir entre Gilles et moi, une sorte de "private joke" après des années de collaboration bien agréables et complices .

Haruo 25/03/2009 00:05

Beautiful tunes! Gymnopedie is the most beautiful of all! It makes me cry!Haruo, Iwata, Japan

Karine 23/03/2009 19:32

Ponpon monter quel clic? de koi tu parle?