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We have a huge news for all of you! Now you can watch an other amazing video of Gilles Gambus on You Tube ! It's worth watching it again and again!

The video was made by Suzy, Andrew and Pierre. Congratulations guys! You've made a great master work!

You'll probably recognize a few pics from the blog...

What are you waiting for? Click here  (don't forget to rate!!!)

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Yoshi Tanaka 06/04/2007 14:36

Bonjour! Comment peut-on contacter le fan club de Gilles Gambus au Japon, Osaka plus précis? Yoshi T.

GG team 26/06/2008 16:34

Bonjour Yoshi,

Le nouveau site officiel du Fan club de Gilles Gambus au Japon est N'hésitez pas à les contacter et nous envoyer
des "fresh news"!

Hello Yoshi,

The new Fan club official site of Gilles Gambus in Japan is Just keep in touch with them and
let us know about "fresh news"!

Bruce Werner 06/04/2007 14:33

You show fantastic videos, I wanted to rate them, but I couldn't... That's why I'm writing down to Suzy, Andrew and Pierre to tell'em that it's a great job! Thanks, Bruce.

Richard J. 01/04/2007 13:52

made a mistake! sorry, it's JOB!

Richard J. 01/04/2007 13:51

made a mistake! sorry, it's JOB!

Richard J. 01/04/2007 13:50

Very good jobs with the video! Well done! R.J.