Happy New Year!

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Dearest Friends,

We've spent another wonderful year with Gilles Gambus blessed by his fantastic work! Thanks to you, we could publish fresh news, nice pictures and foremost, the very first Gilles Gambus' message response to the blog!!!

The only thing we want to tell you is that we wish each day of the NEW YEAR be filled with happiness, success and prosperity!
Let's continue sharing together beautiful moments of joy and fulfillment with Gilles Gambus in 2010!


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GS3 15/04/2011 09:30

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    She took the hand of Chen Nan, went off to the arena. 

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that the door of my house is not only degrading the wind, but also degrading your door the wind. " ,mbt shoes dk
    Nalan Flow angrily: "Nonsense, who is your fiancee? You behave, not lip service, get out!" 

    Sima volley pushed her hand in one hand and ran out pulling Chen Nan. 

    Chen Nan mind very unhappy, and he tried to shake the hand of Nalan Flow, but hesitated a moment, they did not put into action. 

    Wrestling venue Sunkist talking about the incident. 

    Sima volley while standing in place, mouth formed the slightest sneer chase down.

Richard 01/01/2010 18:33

Best wishes, Richard 

Jeane McPhea 31/12/2009 03:37

Amazing video! Great performance! Thanks Mr. Gilles!

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Renata Paes 28/12/2009 05:04

Lindo! Lindissimo! Adorei!!!