I love Flowers...what about you?

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We have another great video to share with you! This time, you need to sit comfortably to watch this amazing video because this twinkling and bucolic melody is going to carry you through over a minute of serenity!
This is called HANA - 花 which means FLOWERS in japanese. 

Enjoy it!


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Suisei 12/04/2010 13:11

Oh,I thought that this is Gilles Gambus's BLOG...
I'm sorry.

Thank you Sam.
Yes,I have played with Mr.Gilles Gambus two times fortunately.
So I want to say to him "Merci beaucoup."
I searched the way to contact him,but I cannot find...

Thank you for your help,Sam.


Sam 11/04/2010 23:06

Hey! Suisei, are you on this video "Hana music"?

That's so cool!!

Hope GG team is gonna forward your post to Mr. Gilles Gambus...!

Cheers! Sam.

Suisei 07/04/2010 08:05


Do you remember me?

I'm a Japanese high school student,and violine cello player.

It was great experience to play your songs with you two times.

Thank you very much.

I'm looking forward to see you.





Carl 20/02/2010 03:38

This is a very nice sound indeed... we would like it linger on and on...!

Carl 20/02/2010 03:27

Hmm...Very interesting...