Goodbye Paul Mauriat

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Après plus de 25 ans de collaboration avec Gilles Gambus, Paul Mauriat nous fait ses adieux le 3 novembre 2006 à Perpignan.

After working more than 25 years with Gilles Gambus, Paul Mauriat passed away in Perpignan on november 3rd 2006.

Toute la team rend hommage à l'artiste!

The whole team pay tribute to the artist ! 

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R. McConnolly 07/11/2006 13:27

Hi all Gilles Gambus and Paul Mauriat fans!
I watch the news about Paul Mauriat on TV. Basically, I was a big fan of PM Grand Orchestra and really appreciate Gilles Gambus. I had the great chance to see the concerts in Russia and China during the 2004 tours. Now, I must confess that I feel sad about it, but happy to know his compositions will last forever in our hearts!
Richard Mc Connolly (England)