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Here is the first blog where the unconditional fans of this great orchestra conductor, pianist and composer, I mean Gilles Gambus, will be able to meet each other, know the latest news, share and exchange opinions and experiences about music...and for those who don't know him yet (does it exist???), learn about him, who he is, what he does...

This blog was set up for those who in one way or another, are interested in unclassable, meaningful, captivating and "no bounderies" musics!

Bienvenue à vous !

Welcome !

Bem-vindo !

As information, there are some fan club websites of Gilles Gambus in Asian countries, such as Japan, South Korea, China... This is a western version newspage, if you don't manage to read "kanji" (chinese characters) yet!!!

Dear friends,

From now on, we will write our articles into french AND english.

Just be patient! It takes time to translate the older articles in english...!

It will be soon a bilingual newspage of Gilles Gambus fan club!

Best regards,

The GG team 

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Sophiane 18/01/2007 18:16

C'est super la photo avec Henri Salvador! J'ai d'ailleurs regardé le DVD de Henri au Palais des Congrès en 2005, et c'est grandiose!!! Bravo à Henri Salvador et Gilles Gambus! C'est pour quand la prochaine tournée ensemble?

Suzy 10/01/2007 14:53

Thank you so much for the translation! Even if my english is still bad, I understand better than french!!!
Happy 2007!